No more autoclaving, Get FREE upgrade of STERLIZED tips and tubes from Vantagene a subsidiary and manufacturing division of ACT Gene . As many researchers are still in saving’s mode by purchasing Non-Sterlized plastics and autoclaving themselves, with Vantagene’s quality plalstics (PCR tubes, Microcentrifuge tubes & tips) priced so competitively they can get Sterlized plastics at Non-Sterlized prices with the following features:

Unique sterilization manufacturing process that retains the same clarity of plastic prior to sterilization.

Certified Sterilization Seal delivers peace of mind, ensures 100% sterilization.

Ultra thin wall PCR tube transmit temperature accurately, uniformly and rapidly ideal for cycling.

PCR Tube design that extends all the way to the bottom the ThermalCycler, so heat can be effectively transmitted.

Dome or Flat cap with 100 % sealing without need of oil overlay.

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P.S: ACTGene manufactures PCR workflow products including : Agarose, Bioplastics, and PCR Enzymes and         supplies full line LIFE SCIENCE EQUIPMENTS AND REAGENTS.

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