Genome Valley Lab Supplies are the distributors of bioWORLD, USA for the biochemicals and consumables, MRC Ltd. ISRAEL for the supply of all scientific and Analytical Laboratory equipments, Sterlitech Corporation, USA for filtration equipment and ACT Gene, USA for plastic sterilized chemicals required in Research Laboratories.

At Genome Valley Lab Supplies we give Top Priority to Customer satisfaction and try to keep always ahead in supplying quality products and we give utmost care for the quality and prompt supply. We ensure supply by the targeted dates when ordered to meet the urgent needs of the scientific community in the Research Laboratories.

Genome Valley Lab Supplies have tied up with the above mentioned foreign suppliers whose products are best with competitive prices in the World market. Besides chemicals & Consumables, we supply complete range of Scientific and Analytical Laboratory equipment from the manufacturer, M/S. MRC Ltd., Israel who are well known for the quality.
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